Miller Hull

Becky Roberts

AIA, Senior Associate

Seattle Studio

Becky is a creative planner at her core, driven by discovery and an insatiable drive to learn. Whether it’s mapping out destinations for travel adventures, dreaming up next season’s garden layout, or setting the logistical course of action for her teams, she is always thinking ahead. “I love working towards a smooth execution, and then learning from the unexpected that comes from that.” As a project manager, Becky has learned to flex while keeping the project team moving forward. These unforeseen turns ultimately make the project better, the process tighter, and the people behind the design smarter. “With each project, you observe something new, and so you’re constantly creating new processes to fit the specificity of the scope. But this gives you a better grip on the core of your practice.”

Becky’s personal drive to learn has made her appreciate education to the fullest, and her favorite projects are ones where she can help create spaces of learning and inquiry. She also gives back, supporting the intersection of professional practice and architectural education, working with the UW as both Chair of the Professionals Advisory Council and as a part-time lecturer. Learning, teaching, practicing, contributing… these are a few of Becky’s favorite things, and she makes sure to do them all every chance she gets.

Lectures & Juries

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