Miller Hull

Cory Mattheis

AIA, Senior Associate

Seattle Studio

Cory’s role on projects is that of a compass; he establishes design direction, and makes sure that the conceptual idea is reinforced as the project develops. This includes lots of design studies, iterations, and examinations through sketching and the creation of digital models. But it’s not just carrying out the design vision that Cory loves; it’s communicating that vision, whether it be to a client or the internal project team. “This type of work is really what keeps me excited about architecture — I’m always looking for ways to bring the creative energy of academic studio culture into practice.”

Just as Cory works to bring the theory into praxis, he also strives to integrate the knowledge picked up from his travels into his work. “Being married to an architect, we’re always planning trips around buildings we hope to visit. Now with a one-year-old architect-in-the-making, we’re looking forward to bringing him along on our next set of adventures.”

Known as a stellar critic, an enthusiastic designer, and a huge proponent of the firm’s internal team — Design Ops — there is a reason that Cory is the youngest design lead at Miller Hull, as his blend of ambitious design thinking and environmental accountability saturates his approach to every concept, every project.

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