Miller Hull

Maaike Post

AIA, Associate

Seattle Studio

Creating spaces where everyone feels welcomed — this is what makes Maaike happy. “I love having a hand in buildings that everyone can use and enjoy,” like libraries or community centers, what Maaike refers to as the last truly equitable social (built) spaces of our society. With much of her life spent in her home country of Holland, Maaike brings a different outlook to the industry. “This strong connection to two different places gave me a wider perspective on the world, so I try to keep this broader lens when I think through topics like design, technology, and sustainability.”

Maaike works primarily on public projects, appreciating the kind of collaborative creativity and flow of ideas that the process always yields. Although she considers herself a generalist, her interest in structural engineering and her experience in coordinating and detailing many projects have given her a solid technical base of knowledge. At the same time, she aims to stay true to the design concepts developed early on in each project and has even been nicknamed ‘the clarity police’ in the past.

But for as much as she has always enjoyed exploring the ways a building comes together, it’s ultimately no match for imagining, designing, and creating the spaces that anyone and everyone can fill.

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