Miller Hull

Margaret Sprug

AIA, Principal

Seattle Studio

The future has always been malleable for Margaret. After college, she packed up her Texas life to move to San Francisco, but simply wasn’t ready to turn off the highway, so she kept on driving. When she hit the Puget Sound, she knew she was home. This confidence that tomorrow can be manipulated and molded is a quality that has come to characterize Margaret’s approach to design — we have the ability to invent the future we want to see, so why don’t we?

It’s the reason she came to Miller Hull — to actually make things better and not simply talk about making things better. “The time of speaking about action is over, and we’re at the place where action is necessary for those responsible for designing the future.” Over the last 20 years in roles where she has designed, managed, and strategized, Margaret has come to see that regenerative design is synonymous with good and simple design. “People feel that high-performance design is really complicated. It’s not.” Margaret insists that if you’re following the laws of nature and physics, and trying to create environments for people where they thrive, then those places are going to be beautiful in every way – inside, outside, for people, for the planet.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2020 Greenbuild International Conference + Expo: Ben Dalton and Margaret Sprug
  • 2020 Zero Carbon Conference: Margaret Sprug
  • 2020 Living Future Virtual Conference: Margaret Sprug
  • Scalability of Sustainable Architecture: Robert Misel, Margaret Sprug and April Ng
  • 2019 Living Future unConference: Margaret Sprug and Rob Misel
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