Miller Hull

Rich Whealan

AIA, Principal

Seattle Studio

When it comes to thinking about architecture, Rich looks to the future, sees the end goal, and then promptly sets his eyes back on what’s in front of him. “You almost need to look at architecture like it’s product design. How do all the elements support the project vision? How will the pieces be assembled? How will the constituent parts be manufactured?” There needs to be enough understanding of the end goal so that each micro-decision made during the process relates back to the project priority. This rare ability to see every fraction in relation to the whole is one of the reasons why Rich is so involved in the design and detailing of Miller Hull’s most complex projects, from teaching and research laboratories to aviation centers. Some of his most significant projects to date include the International Arrivals Facility at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), and the Environmental Health and Safety Facility at UC Santa Cruz.

Rich’s emphasis on integrated building systems and technical performance during the design phase, and his follow-through during construction results in a building that is beautiful and functional, today and tomorrow.

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