Miller Hull

Whitney Pearce

AIA, Senior Associate

San Diego Studio

Whitney wants to leave the world a better place than she found it. It’s this insatiable drive to improve the human experience that fuels her passion for architecture and planning.

But what does improvement entail? To Whitney, it’s about creating spaces that inspire and improve the health and wellbeing of those who inhabit them. “I feel a deep responsibility through the projects I manage to push the industry forward towards a carbon neutral future where the built environment can enhance and strengthen our natural resources, and in turn support human health & wellness.” The mother of two young boys, Whitney’s is motivated through her work to create a future for them where people and planet can live in harmony.

A self-taught home-renovation extraordinaire, Whitney loves to solve complex puzzles. That is part of what led her to become an architect, where there is a new and interesting challenge to take on everyday. To her, the puzzle only gets more interesting as her roles and responsibilities expand, “You are not only solving for the design, but for team dynamics, for project schedule and client relationships.” But no matter what the size of the puzzle, Whitney will take on each new challenge with a passion that leads to inspiring solutions.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2023 Net Zero Conference: Whitney Pearce and Siyu Qu
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