Miller Hull

2023 Net Zero Conference: Whitney Pearce and Siyu Qu

Date: 9-14-2023
Time: 3:30-4:15pm PST
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, CA

9-2-2023 | Events

Senior Associate Whitney Pearce and designer Siyu Qu will be discussing “Prioritizing Health, Wellness and Equity Through Material Choice,” at the Net Zero Conference.

Both architects and manufacturers have a significant role to play in moving the practice of material selection beyond aesthetics, cost and durability to one that equally considers embodied carbon, toxicity, human health and social equity. This panel will share their resources and methods for improving accountability within the industry through Miller Hull’s Red List V3.0 Action Plan and through Miller Knoll’s goal to leverage the power of their collective brands to design a more equitable and sustainable world. Using the University of Washington’s Center for Population Health as a case study, the panel will share lessons learned on how a healthy materials plan can inspire design and how through collaboration and transparency, we can move towards a more healthy, equitable future.

Other speakers include Samantha McNabb with Miller Knoll.

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Whitney Pearce

AIA, Senior Associate

Whitney wants to leave the world a better place than she found it. It’s this insatiable drive to improve the human experience that fuels her passion for architecture and planning. But what does improvement entail? To Whitney, it’s about creating spaces that inspire and improve the health and wellbeing of those who inhabit them. “I feel…

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Siyu Qu

“Architecture is a vessel for everyday life, and it carries stories. While designing a building, I love to picture the kinds of events that might have happened there, and all of the memories that are to come in that space.”

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