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Ron Rochon Retires as Managing Partner

12-14-2022 | News

Ron Rochon Retires as Managing Partner of  The Miller Hull Partnership

Colleague and friend Rob Misel will take on the role with equity and inclusion at the forefront

(Seattle, WA) December 2022  — After 22 years at The Miller Hull Partnership and 14 years as Managing Partner, Ron Rochon is retiring, passing the leadership role to colleague and friend, Rob Misel. Despite almost 50 years as a practice, the transition of leadership marks only the third Managing Partner at Miller Hull, demonstrating the nurturing and consistent leadership style valued by the firm.

Since becoming Managing Partner in 2008, Ron has led with optimism, transparency, and humor, enabling the firm to maintain its character despite more than doubling in size. “Ron has fostered a unique culture of taking our work seriously, but not ourselves. He has brought a great sense of humor to what is traditionally not a very humorous position,” says Sian Roberts, Partner at Miller Hull.

Ron’s approach to architecture revolves around his drive to create a better world, as he prefers to work on projects that don’t just positively impact the client, but the larger community. His greatest achievements can be seen in projects and initiatives that have strengthened the firm’s reputation as a leader in sustainable, regenerative design: the award-winning Bullitt Center, Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center, and EMission Zero—the firm’s boldest achievement in its effort to stay accountable for carbon emissions.

“My time at Miller Hull has been more rewarding than I ever imagined. I am deeply honored to have worked alongside so many colleagues and collaborators in the design and construction industry, but what I am most excited about is our future,” says Ron. “There are so many societal and environmental challenges ahead of us, and I believe that Miller Hull will continue to lead by example daily to tackle them.”

Ron and Rob have been working together with an eye toward the transition for five years, “We are a close-knit group of partners, a strong leadership team that operates as a unit. Our strength is in the diversity of folks and perspectives we bring at that team level,” Sian elaborates.

Rob will step into the role after 21 years at Miller Hull with a repertoire of large-scale projects such as the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry, C Concourse Expansion at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and the Kitsap County Administration Building. More importantly, Rob envisions Miller Hull as an industry leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion. “One of my primary goals is to continue diversifying our firm. Part of that necessitates giving young staff more opportunities,” Rob explains. “I want to cultivate an environment where anyone with a particular skill set can be a leader, regardless of age, race, or gender.”

Known for the peaceful and calming aura that he emits, Rob is well-positioned to garner trust and build camaraderie, one of the many traits that make him so effectively involved in managing the firm. “Rob is a better Ron,” Ron jokes. “He is thoughtful and approachable, measured and consistent. What you see is what you get.”

Emulating Ron, Rob will lead with honesty, assuring clients, partners, and peers that the firm’s approach will remain the same despite the different face. “I’m really proud of the legacy that has been passed onto me: environmental stewardship, projects with an impact on the community, and designs that are responsive to the context in which they are located. We will continue to lead by example and push in everything we do to be industry leaders,” Rob concludes.

Ron Rochon officially retires on December 31, 2022. Rob Misel will begin his new leadership position on January 1, 2023.

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