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Architizer’s 25 Best Architecture Firms in Seattle

1-17-2024 | News

#3: The Miller Hull Partnership, LLP

Seattle, also known as the Emerald City — not the one in the Wizard of Oz but rather a nickname that speaks of the city’s breathtaking surrounding greenery — is considered one of the most futuristic cities in the United States. Starting as a humble timber town in the 19th century, post-industrial Seattle was violently destroyed after the 1889 Great Seattle Fire razed much of the downtown area. Following this pivotal event, Seattle underwent a rapid architectural rebirth, adopting innovative materials and designs that set the stage for its future skyline.

Architectural works such as John Graham’s Jr. Space Needle and Frank Gehry’s Museum of Pop Culture mark Seattle’s modern architectural history, playfully introducing forms and materials that pushed the boundaries of technological innovation in architecture. A notable, contemporary example is the Bullitt Center by American architect Robert Hull, whose design was regarded as the world’s first greenest commercial building.

In addition, Seattle is a city that continually attracts some of the most visionary architectural projects, such as the Amazon Spheres — Amazon’s workspace housing an impressive range of plant species — not just through sustainable and technologically driven practices but also through socially invigorating designs. In recent years, the city has become a hotbed for mixed-use developments, seamlessly blending residential, commercial, and recreational spaces to create vibrant, livable communities. The American Emerald City is a place where space is conceived, designed and utilized through a constant cycle of innovation and reinvention.

With so many architecture firms to choose from, it’s challenging for clients to identify the industry leaders that will be an ideal fit for their project needs. Fortunately, Architizer is able to provide guidance on the top design firms in Seattle based on more than a decade of data and industry knowledge.

How are these architecture firms ranked?

The following ranking has been created according to key statistics that demonstrate each firm’s level of architectural excellence. The following metrics have been accumulated to establish each architecture firm’s ranking, in order of priority:

  • The number of A+Awards won (2013 to 2023)
  • The number of A+Awards finalists (2013 to 2023)
  • The number of projects selected as “Project of the Day” (2009 to 2023)
  • The number of projects selected as “Featured Project” (2009 to 2023)
  • The number of projects uploaded to Architizer (2009 to 2023)

Each of these metrics is explained in more detail at the foot of this article. This ranking list will be updated annually, taking into account new achievements of Seattle architecture firms throughout the year.

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