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Pandemic brings changes to everything from offices to apartments

Source: San Diego Business Journal

6-16-2020 | News

By Ray Huard 

Architects, building owners, restauranteurs, retailers and just about everyone else associated with commercial real estate are scrambling to determine just how to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses reopen and people slowly start returning to work.

“While it is too soon to tell the long term effects on the design of office space, we have seen short-term modifications and approaches that are focused on the wellbeing, health and safety of employees,” said Tiffany English, principal of Ware Malcomb in San Diego, with offices in Sorrento Valley.

From building lobbies and work spaces to bathrooms and balconies, there’s little that’s not being looked at through the lens of COVID-19.

Some things, such as bringing more fresh air and natural light into buildings were hot topics prior to the pandemic and they’re getting an even closer look now, said Kevin Heinly, principal and managing director of Gensler in San Diego.

Added to that are more esoteric considerations, such as bathrooms with stall doors that open and close automatically and elevators that have their own air filtration systems and use smart phone technology to take people to the proper floors, Heinly said.

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