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2024 AIA Seattle Climate Summit: Manuel Castaneda & Jim Hanford

Date: 4-16-2024
Time: 9-10am
Location: Seattle, WA

4-9-2024 | Events

Principal Jim Hanford and Architect Manuel Castaneda will be discussing,” Community Resilience in a Changing Climate,” at the 2024 AIA Seattle Climate Summit.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the architect’s role as an advocate in climate justice for a decarbonized, equitable, and resilient built environment that allows future generations and ecosystems to thrive.
  • Explore systems change and practical solutions that strengthen collective impact at the intersection of climate action and the built environment.
  • Investigate the impact of regulatory codes and policies on interconnected systems in the design and development of green infrastructure.
  • Identify practical methods to integrate ecosystems and urban design that respond to current and future conditions and support community resiliency and livability.
  • Examine the co-benefits of shared knowledge and community building practices that reduce climate risk, center frontline communities, and bolster environmental justice.
  • Understand approaches for organizing and equipping communities and community spaces to adapt to changing climates, including resilience hubs and equitable infrastructure.
  • Evaluate innovative building-scale solutions in materials and carbon reduction that support optimization, mitigate upstream and downstream impacts, and prioritize community health and well-being.

Jim and Manuel will be speaking on a Panel with César García, Co-Executive Director, Lake City Collective and Jessyn Farrell, Director, Office of Sustainability and Environment, City of Seattle.

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Jim Hanford

FAIA, Principal

How can we co-exist with the earth in a way that doesn’t destroy it? This is the question that Jim constantly asks. As leader of Miller Hull’s building performance and sustainability efforts, he’s had quite a few opportunities to answer. “It’s really just being smart about things — thinking efficiently about daylighting, ventilation, mechanical systems…” Jim’s…

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Manuel Castaneda


“To me, how we work is just as important as the project work itself, so it is exciting to be in a project management role and to collaborate with thoughtful, talented, and dedicated people.”

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