Miller Hull

The idea for what would become The Miller Hull Partnership started in villages of Brazil and Afghanistan

Miller Hull founders David Miller and Robert Hull began by designing many award winning earth sheltered and solar buildings in the early 1980’s. The tradition of designing dynamic and environmentally sensitive buildings continues to this day.

Firm History

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The powerful landscape of the Pacific Northwest where they grew up profoundly influenced founding partners David Miller and Robert Hull. Our enduring perspective on architecture deals intimately with the human impact and context of the buildings we design.

David Miller and Robert Hull met as undergraduate students at Washington State University, after which they joined the Peace Corps. Serving in Brazil and Afghanistan respectively, both were struck by the raw beauty of indigenous structures that were economical, spartan and elegant in their response to climate and cultural conditions–the very essence of sustainable design. This early exposure of working closely with people to construct and occupy buildings while making the most out of resources at hand had a lasting influence on The Miller Hull Partnership’s distinctive style–establishing a culture of connection and efficiency that is still foundational today. After starting their careers at other architectural firms, Dave and Bob founded Miller Hull in 1977.  The work was inspired by Pacific Northwest Regionalism and they helped broaden its impact celebrating climate, geography and culture.

In early years the firm was primarily known for residential architecture. This was a natural, direct reflection of their strong feelings about the important role architecture plays in people’s lives. Beginning with homes and island cabins, over time the scope of projects has expanded to include everything from water treatment plants, to the busiest border crossing in the world, even U.S. embassies abroad. Our portfolio emphasizes public buildings, but we design everything from schools, higher education facilities, nature centers, libraries, mixed-use buildings, laboratories and corporate offices. And yes, we still do some residential work–which now also includes multi-family and mixed-use buildings.

Our two studios, in Seattle and San Diego, strategically bracket the West Coast. This enables us to apply our regionalist philosophy in other geographies and to be responsive to projects across the country, and beyond. Capabilities include master planning, urban design, full-service architectural design, interior design, and space planning.

Over nearly forty years the scale and range of our projects has grown, while still retaining the idealistic desire to make a positive change in the world that got us into architecture in the first place.


Lasting cultural cornerstones build on Bob and Dave’s shared passion for the energy and inspiration that comes from connecting with nature, travel, and interacting with each other in and out of the office.

Design Panel
We gather every Thursday afternoon to discuss current work over food and drink. The benefit of ‘fresh eyes’ and open critique makes each project the best it can be.  For nearly forty years, this weekly time together nurtures our culture of inquiry and openness to ideas.

Annual Retreat
Each summer, the entire Miller Hull team (families, too!) takes a nature-oriented weekend away, a tradition Dave and Bob initiated more than 30 years ago. Popular places to enjoy each other’s company span from Cama Beach on Camano Island, Washington, to Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Annual Ski / Kayak trips
Whether surfing and paddling on the water or carving down the slopes, we’re an active bunch that enjoys playing together outdoors in all seasons.

Travel Stipend
Employees reaching 5 & 10 year milestones with the firm receive a stipend for architecturally-focused travel wherever they choose. Post-trip presentations bring the experience back to colleagues. Destinations over the years have included Greece, Peru, India, France, Italy, Thailand – to name a few.

The Miller Hull Partnership is a West Coast architecture firm, with design opportunities throughout the U.S. and other countries.  We pursue—and passionately serve—clients who share our values surrounding community engagement, progressive environmentalism and social infrastructure. Our work is not based on a recognizable style, but rather on the ability to creatively and uniquely develop solutions that suit clients’ specific needs.




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Design work that expresses clarity of concept, attention to context, a sense of authenticity and beauty—bound by progressive environmental responsibility—has earned us over 300 local, national and industry design awards spanning project types. Beyond professional recognition, these honors represent thoughtful collaboration with clients who share our values. We are proud to be the most consistent winner of AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) ‘Top Ten Green Project’ awards honoring beautiful, sustainability-designed buildings.

In 2003, Miller Hull received the Architecture Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects—the highest industry commendation for architecture firms recognizing a practice that has consistently produced notable quality of design for more than 10 years.

The essence of their practice and the genius of their work, is collaboration. Whether it be among partners and staff, consultants and artists, client, the community – or the very materials of metal, wood, stone and glass – through which concept engages program and site – they choreograph a nourishing dialogue, which blossoms in a straightforward elegant architecture that delights the eye and elevates the soul. Enlightened stewards, equally faithful to their profession and the public realm, theirs is a model of best practice where nature is a co-equal giver of form, guiding the art and science of craft in the service of architects’ ultimate client, the Planet Earth.

AIA 2003 Firm Award certificate


Our ability to design beautiful, meaningful places flows from a team of curious and engaged individuals who thrive in an open and collaborative studio environment.  Building on a history of incredible consistency—fueled by growth from within, transparent leadership transition, and continual investigation at the boundaries of current thought—enables us to break new ground and not rest on past achievements or ideas.

The original partnership between Dave Miller and Bob Hull was formed out of mutual respect and an unwavering pursuit of design excellence, seasoned with fun and good humor. The bond between employees and the genuine pleasure we take in working and playing together is a testament to Dave and Bob’s continuing influence as we have expanded into a multi-studio West Coast architecture firm.

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